Assessing the Rolls in Online Craps Games

Playing craps online can feel very different from playing it in land based casinos. There are no players shouting encouragements as the shooter attempts to avoid craps or the dreaded seven. Still, it is important that players understand and approach correctly each roll of the dice in online craps games.

How Online Dice Rolls Work

When playing with actual dice, the roll of the shooter is incredibly important. He or she can determine the entire layout of the game, as a single lucky roll can win the game for everyone at the table. In online craps games, players don't actually roll physical dice. They can click on virtual representations of the dice, but in actuality, they are merely activating a random number generator. This RNG produces the results of the roll and cannot be influenced by anything other than the law of averages.

What the Rolls Mean

Even if the results are completely random, there are a few results that craps players are after. First, the come out roll or the first roll of each shooter should avoid 2, 3, or 12. These are known as craps bets and unless the player has made an Any Craps bet, all bets lose. If the shooter lands on a 7 or 11, the shooter automatically wins. Landing on anything else establishes a point that is the new goal. The shooter wants to roll that point number again before rolling a seven in order to win.

Though the roll in online craps games are incredibly important, there is little players can do to influence the results. Their only hope is to make smart bets that account for all of the odds and hope luck is on their side.