Win at Video Poker with Six Easy Tricks

Video poker is a popular game because it is available in most casinos, is easy to play and has a relatively low house edge. By following the six tricks here, players will find themselves winning more often than ever before.

Trick #1
Players who are dealt a straight, a flush or a straight flush should always keep all of their cards. The odds of creating a better hand are slim, and the payouts associated with these card combinations are favorable.

Trick #2
When a player is one card away from an open-ended straight--meaning that there are two cards that could potentially create the straight instead of only one--or when the player has two pairs, it is best to give up the one useless card in hopes of creating a straight or a full house.

Trick #3
Similarly to Trick #2, players who are two cards away from an open-ended straight or who are holding a three of a kind should exchange the two useless cards. This way, they have an opportunity for a straight or a four of a kind, but will be paid something regardless.

Trick #4
Since most video poker games are of the 'Jacks or Better' variety, players who have a pair of Jacks or higher should keep these cards and exchange the rest.

Trick #5
More often than not, players will be dealt only a single high card that has the potential to pay out if the player is dealt the match. In this case, the player should keep the single card and exchange the rest.

Trick #6
Sometimes, players can be duped with a low pair. Since a pair of twos will not pay out anything at all, the odds are more favorable for the player if they exchange all of the cards in hopes of receiving a high pair rather than a low three of a kind.

There is no surefire way to guarantee a win with video poker, but players who want to win more often will undoubtedly find success by following the six tricks listed here.